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There are many sites that do logos for what seems like a good deal. You can get a logo for free if you look. I’ve had clients come to me after trying this method. One recent client was getting artwork that was taken from the web and reused. It was good they noticed this as that logo would not have been legal for them to use and could have cost them a lot of money if they had. Fortunately, this client realized this and decided to do the logo right. We took a look at their product and talked over their company vision with them. We discussed color theory and the emotions colors and shapes evoke in your customers. After a thorough discussion we came up with a color scheme and had a pretty good idea of the shapes that would work for this company. We got to work and were just a phone call away if our client had further input or questions. When we presented our comps we included the concepts that the client had wished to see and one that we felt was the best fit for this company. The client loved our concept and quickly moved from the original idea to this new one. We discussed the icon and with client input adjusted the shape slightly to feminize it for the target audience. Working hand in hand with a client and developing a relationship that fosters communication is what we do best. In the end this client has a logo they love and we think looks pretty cool too. We can’t wait to see this one shirts and packages in retail stores.

Here is our design process using the above as an example.

The client came to us with an idea of a runner finishing a race, hands up as they break through the finish line. This product is for a feminine audience and sports related. The idea would resonate with this audience and we understood why the client was heading this direction. While working on the sketches it was clear that this message could be portrayed much simpler and that is always the best for a logo. We did some concepts for the client with their idea as that is what they pay us for and also one that we felt was a simpler concept for the logo. Sometimes clients want what they want and there is no sway there. We strive to give clients what they want so we always work towards the ideas/concepts they request first. Once those have been worked out and we’ve had time to work over the concept then a simpler idea usually comes out of that.

Here is a small sample of the sketches we did while working on this logo. You see the idea building of the runner as a shape. It will be further refined to present to the client by creating them in vector art using Adobe Illustrator.

sketches     sketches1

Here are two of the first comps presented to the client.


Once they chose the icon we developed, we went to work refining it. The client had lots of input, which we love, because this is their logo after all and it should be something they have a hand in and fall in love with. They wanted the colors flattened and the shape elongated.

Here are the refined icons. You can see that with this round we felt a swoosh would feminize the dot, or head, of the runner. It looks like a woman’s hair trailing behind her as she runs so it adds more energy as well as a feminine look. The client loved it!


You can see more on our portfolio page. Also take a look at the logo animation for this client.

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