Step 1: Buy Your Domain

If you are thinking of getting a website you should look at buying your domain. This is your website address and without it you can’t start your website. You also want to buy this yourself. DO NOT HAVE YOUR WEB DEVELOPER BUY YOUR DOMAIN FOR YOU! You want control of this and it is essential that you buy it or (actually lease it). You can buy it from many different sources, but if you want great service and free privacy protection then look at NameCheap. There is an affiliate link below that will take you right to their purchase page. Many sites will sell you a domain for the first year for .99 cents (sometimes less), but it will go up to about $15/yr thereafter. They charge more for yearly privacy protection. NameCheap offers it free privacy protection the first year. Privacy protection keeps your name, physical address, phone number and email private. If you don’t have privacy added then all that information is available to anyone who does a search online for your domain. It’s up to you if that is something that is important to you.
When you create your account be sure to keep your username and password in a safe place. When your web developer is ready to start building your site then you will need that information available for them. They will need it to point the name servers to the hosting. That’s another post.


  1. Think of the names that work and write a list. Try not to use dashes and make sure the spelling is correct. Go for the dot coms. They are still the most sought after. Keep it short and memorable. Be prepared for frustration as many domains are taken.
  2. When you are searching for your domain, keep in mind you should purchase it right away. Domains that are available now, may not be in the next week, days or even hours. It could be unavailable to you or very costly to obtain if you wait.
  3. Don’t have your web developer buy it. Buy it yourself and add auto renewal so you don’t lose it.
  4. Add privacy protection to keep your personal information safe.
  5. Keep your login credentials in a safe accessible place. You’ll need them to begin your website.

On another note, if you are just starting your company and are still figuring out the name, consider doing a domain search to help you narrow it down. If a company name is not available for you to use online then you may not want to use that name. is a great reliable source for domain purchases.