Choosing the Right Web Designer

Three Things to Ask Your Web Designer.


1. How Much Will it Cost Me?

This is obviously the most critical point to most clients. If it’s not then you are in the minority. You shouldn’t go with a designer only because they are the lowest priced, as you may end up with an inferior product. You should first consider what you need. If you need a totally custom site for a large corporation and a group of designers managing it for you then you should go with a large firm to handle that. On the opposite end of the scale, is the small business or start-up with very little budget for advertising. If this is you then keep reading. First off, you probably don’t need a large site. You just need to get an online presence for now and what you do need is great SEO (search engine optimization) so customers can find your new or small business. Many customers no longer use a phone book, but search for their needs online. You need to reach this audience and that means you need professional website. Well, the good news is you can do this with a lower budget. We employ a content management system so you can add content yourself and increase your SEO.  Search engines find sites through organic searches, meaning that if a customer types in “the best pizza in Chicago” then sites that have content with ‘best’, ‘pizza’ and Chicago’ will come up. Sites with the most current content (newly updated) will list higher. Your goal is to be in the top 10 if possible. Most people don’t scroll past the first page so it won’t do much good to be 300. By adding new content regularly (blogging about your services and offering advice- like this post) your site will get closer to the top. Most customers are brought to the blog post in an organic search and, if they are interested, will go to your home page and read more. Upglow can help you with a site at affordable prices and you can add posts from there to boost your SEO. Most likely you are reading this from a search you typed in and we hope you contact us for work as a result. All in all your best investment is to get the site you need and add fresh content regularly. If it is a large custom site that you pay someone to manage for you or a small site that you manage yourself, you now know more about your options to help you decide just what you need.

2. Is the Site Mobile Friendly?

Most everyone has a smart phone. Sites are being access more and more from mobile and tablet sized devices. If your site is not easy to use by these devices it is only a back button away to another site. Don’t loose potential customers for this reason. Old sites use a lot of graphics and flash graphics. iOS devices don’t allow flash for security risks related to it and graphics are not recognized by SEO. Upglow builds sites that are mobile and SEO friendly and respond to the screen size. They are easy for your mobile customers to interact with and enjoy. If you are in the market for an upgrade from an old HTML site we can take the content from the old site and work with that. It won’t take as long to build that way and is easier for you. Get a great, fresh, mobile friendly site to attract customers.

3. What do I need to get started?

Well, first of all you will need your content. No one can build a website with nothing to put  on it. Get your content together. Look over sites you like and competitors sites to get an idea of what you would like to say. Get your content typed up and proof read it well. Organize it and decide on images you will need.  Stock art can be purchased for a minimal fee and you can look though some of  the stock sites to get an idea if you like. Consider adding video to your site. Make a list of sites you like to give your designer. This will give them an idea to start with. Decide on pages you will need. At a minimum you will need a home page or landing page and your blog page. You may want a separate contact page with a form to fill out and you may want a page about your company. If you have ecommerce (products to sell) then you will need product pages and photos and also a way to accept payment. A PayPal account is the most affordable and convenient way to go for you and your customers. As the complexity of your site builds expect the cost to have it built to go up too. Upglow has built small sites and ecommerce sites as well. You can have these built for an affordable price and get your company up and running. Just contact us for a personal quote. We would love to work with you.

Maybe your wondering…

Are we the right match for your company? We focus on smaller companies and have a workflow that allows us to quickly build unique sites. We are able to build the sites in less time than fully custom coding would allow and that is how we do them for less. We feel there is a great need for clients in this demographic and we strive to fill that need. Contact us to discuss your web project. We look forward to hearing from you.